Road Wideners

Road Wideners

When it comes to placing the right amount of material at the correct grade and slope in one pass — whether on a shoulder or elsewhere — the best equipment for the job is a Weiler road widener, available in four convenient sizes capable of widening up to 14 feet.


W730B Road Widener

This 174-horsepower, four-wheel drive, four-wheel steer unit has both the size and power to tackle even the largest widening jobs. It’s capable of widening up to a 14-foot width and 12 inches above or below grade.


W530A Road Widener

This is the smaller counterpart to the W730B and has more than enough size and power to fill the needs of most widening jobs today. The W530A can widen up to a 10-foot width,12 inches above and below grade.


W430A Road Widener

This heavy-duty, self-propelled road widener is designed to handle a variety of widening applications and materials. It widens up to 8 feet with a working depth of 12 inches above grade to 12 inches below grade.


W330B Road Widener

This road widener is built for smaller job applications, with a working width up to 6 feet and depths from 8 inches above grade to 10 inches below grade.