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Pave the way toward higher productivity with Weiler. Weiler offers an impressive family of durable and reliable road equipment products. Simple to operate, with proven performance and powerful results, Weiler commercial pavers, remixing transfer machines, road wideners, elevators, split-drum compactors, screeds and tack distributors are built to withstand the rigors of the toughest road jobs while delivering outstanding results.


Remixing Transfer Vehicles

For efficient paving operations with the highest mat quality, look to the Weiler E1250B and E2850 remixing transfer vehicles. Weiler RTVs provide non-contact, non-stop and offset paving while providing reduced particulate and thermal segregation for high-output jobs.


Commercial Pavers

Weiler commercial class pavers deliver outstanding performance in a wide range of applications by providing highway-class productivity in a small, maneuverable package.


Road Wideners

When it comes to placing the right amount of material at the correct grade and slope in one pass — whether on a shoulder or elsewhere — the best equipment for the job is a Weiler road widener, available in four convenient sizes capable of widening up to 14 feet.


Windrow Elevators

When you're searching for those smooth ride bonuses, a Weiler elevator is sure to best meet your needs. Our E650C and E550C windrow elevators offer 137-horsepower, Cat Tier 4 engines designed to handle the toughest conditions while exceeding expectations.


Split-Drum Compactors

The C-Series split-drum compactors provide the compaction pressure you need, whether working on base materials or an asphalt mat. The split front drum enables the outer half of the drum to rotate faster than inner half resulting in quick work on corners and curves - without mat tearing.



Weiler front-mount and fixed screeds for Cat® highway-class pavers provide productivity and reliability in a durable package. Available in 8' and 10' wide models.


Tack Distributors

Designed for the commercial paving contractor, the Weiler tack distributors provide high quality construction along with simple and efficient operation for commercial job site application. Available in 250 and 500 gallon configurations.